Dropbox Packrat: What is it, how much does it cost?

Here's the scenario. You have been working on a report for the past three months, and are dealing with a particularly tough section on widget design. All of a sudden, you realize that you actually wrote an extra chapter that covers this very issue. That was two months ago. You deleted the chapter because you thought you wouldn’t need this material. Now you do. Is it possible to retrieve the chapter?

The answer: It depends.

If you are using Packrat, a paid Dropbox feature, you can retrieve an earlier version of a file, or a deleted version of a file, no matter how old it is.

But if you are using the free version of Dropbox, you’re out of luck. Dropbox keeps a 30-day history of old versions of files (as well as deleted files), but anything older than 30 days will be wiped permanently from Dropbox’s servers.

In addition, Packrat is not retroactive. Meaning, even if you upgrade to Packrat, you won’t be able to access older versions of files that passed the 30-day mark under the free plan.

How much does Packrat cost? If you upgrade to any Dropbox Pro plan (starting at $100 per year), you can pay an additional $39 per year to have Packrat.

If your company uses Dropbox For Teams, Packrat is free.

If you are interested in learning more about using basic Dropbox features, or better understanding what Dropbox is all about, consider the book/ebook guide Dropbox In 30 Minutes.