How Can I Get Free Space on Dropbox?

People love getting free stuff. In Dropbox’s case, the free stuff is virtual — storage space that can boost the size of your account. The basic free Dropbox account starts with 2 GB total, but through various methods you can double, triple, or even nonuple (I checked, that’s a real word!) the total. There are also a couple of tricks to get even more space, as described below.

Here are the most popular ways to get free space:
  1. Invite a friend to start using Dropbox using the Dropbox website. If he or she signs up, you’ll be awarded extra space to your free account — currently 500 MB per user, to a maximum of 16 GB (Note: if you have a Pro account, each referral comes with 1GB of additional free space). To send out invitations, go to and click on the gift icon or link that says “Get Free Space.” You can either do a bulk mailing from your email address book, manually type in email addresses, or use Twitter and Facebook to generate unique signup links. If people respond to any of these methods to sign up, you’ll get the free space.
  2. Adding Camera Upload to your account. This feature, which automatically syncs photos on your smartphone or tablet to your Dropbox account, comes with 500 MB of extra storage space.
  3. Look for special promotions and contests arranged through your school or other organizations. Through one such campus promotion through my alma mater, I was able to snag an extra 25 GB of space (!) albeit for a limited period (two years).
  4. Jumping through various Dropbox hoops. For instance, Dropbox gives smaller amounts of free storage to users who do things like taking the Dropbox online tour or linking to your Facebook account (see these and other examples in the image below).
Dropbox free space list

The full list of free space options on Dropbox can be found on this page. If you want to learn how to manage your free space, and get other tips and tricks to get the most out of Dropbox, order your copy of Dropbox In 30 Minutes today for the Kindle, iPad, Nook, or in PDF and paperback formats.